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Creatine and Diet: Best Foods to Enhance Creatine Absorption

Creatine and Diet: Best Foods to Enhance Creatine Absorption

A New York University Langone Medical Center study found that creatine supplements may enhance strength, power, and exercise capacity in people who engage in strength training. However, the key to getting the most out of creatine is paying attention to what you eat and drink while taking it. Before beginning a creatine program, talk to your doctor.

Consumption of Creatine

Make sure you consume the right amount of creatine to avoid side effects, including cramps, dehydration, excessive weight gain, and gastrointestinal distress. Research suggests 20 grams of creatine daily for a maximum of seven days. From there on out, limit your daily intake to 2–5 grams. Due to the lack of data on the safety and effectiveness of creatine over extended periods, it is important to discuss the recommended dosage with a healthcare professional before beginning treatment. Creatine is most effective when taken with meals to increase absorption and decrease adverse effects.

Major Foods To Take With Creatine

Protein and Carbs

Creatine is most effectively absorbed when insulin levels increase, which occurs when you take it. Eating a mix of carbs and protein will cause your insulin levels to surge. To increase insulin levels, you should eat 70 grams of carbs and protein at a 1:1 ratio. To optimize strength training consumption, you only need a meal of chicken breast, rice, vegetables, and milk to raise your insulin levels to a safe level.

Whey Protein Drink

Combining creatine daily with your preferred whey protein may provide better results. The two supplements seem to work well together. In 2001, a journal published research that indicated taking creatine in addition to whey protein was more effective than taking whey protein alone. Over six weeks, the most significant increase in lean muscle mass and maximum bench press ability was seen in those who ingested a whey protein/creatine combo.

Other Foods To Take With Creatine 

Grapes and its Juice

Due to its simple sugar content, this triggers the secretion of insulin, which facilitates the transport of creatine daily to muscle fibers. Conversely, creatine is incompatible with other juices because it includes amino acids that the body cannot use, like creatinine.


The benefits of this to creatine absorption have been the subject of much debate. A mix of coffee and creatine might be even more effective than alone in boosting athletic performance. Some say you shouldn't drink coffee because it "interferes" with the creatine daily you take in. Nevertheless, because there is no concrete proof, brew yourself a cup of coffee and top it with the quantity of creatine you want.

Energy Drinks

You may replenish the electrolytes you lose after an intense exercise by drinking them. Because of its dextrose content, which aids in electrolyte recharge, powdered Gatorade is the ideal product to combine creatine.


Water is a need yet the most neglected requirement in our diet. Water alone is good for health; now think about what it can do with creatine. Moreover, creatine daily tends to dehydrate a person. With your wise water intake, you can avoid that. 


This is somewhat acidic and toasty. Researchers have shown that the faster creatine dissolves in an acidic solution, the more effective it is. Creatine has an extended half-life; once combined and diluted, it becomes more absorbable.

Fish and Chicken

Powdered protein and creatine daily are staples in bodybuilders' diets. Combining them with meals like fish enhances vitality and recuperation, and muscles absorb more creatine when this is done. 

Special Considerations

Depending on your size and objectives, you may need to adjust the food or drink you take with your creatine supplement. Adding a high-carb, high-protein meal to your diet just before taking creatine will significantly increase your daily calorie consumption. Make any necessary adjustments to the prior suggestions if your frame size is smaller or you are trying to lose weight. See your doctor or a registered nutritionist to make these suggestions work for you. Some practices while taking creatine should be observed. They include:

  • Drinking plenty of water all day long is crucial since creatine pulls water into the muscles.
  • If you want your muscles to absorb and use creatine daily more effectively, take it alongside carbs.
  • To get the most out of creatine, take it before or after your exercises.

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Could creatine be mixed with coffee?

If you have a strong need for sweets, would creatine daily be beneficial in coffee or ice cream? Creatine is very stable and will never be damaged by heat, contrary to what is often believed in the creatinine community. Warm or cold water dissolves creatinine just as readily. Despite claims to the contrary, creatine does not mitigate the harmful effects of drugs taken orally.

Is creatine found in eggs? 

You may also get creatine from fish and eggs. You need to improve your daily calorie consumption. Five grams of creatinine is the suggested dosage, which is about two kilograms of chicken or three kilograms of beef.

Does creatine dissolve in hot food?

No. Mixing creatine with hot water is not harmful. Heat has no effect on creatine monohydrate, which is stable.

Would creatine be a good addition to a pre-workout smoothie?

Creatine mixed with slack may be taken before exercise. Many pre-workout shakes include creatine. You may safely consume creatine by dissolving it into your everyday beverage. Creatine, in contrast to pre-workout, does not produce a rapid increase; hence, it is advised to consume creatine daily to keep levels appropriate. On the other hand, taking creatine every day before strength training will only help if your body requires time to absorb it.

Are beta-alanine and creatine compatible?

Creatine alone may enhance lean muscle growth and decrease body fat, but when combined, the effects are much more dramatic, according to the studies. The research lasted 12 weeks, and the fact that all participants followed the same exercise program demonstrates its efficacy. Once again, these men will engage in a vigorous exercise regimen.


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