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Can You Take Creatine Daily?

Can You Take Creatine Daily?

Creatine is one of the most popular dietary supplements and has been extensively studied for its effects on muscle building, exercise performance, and healing. Common questions include how much creatine is optimal, whether it should be taken daily, on rest days, and whether too much may be used. This article discusses the benefits of taking creatine tablets every day.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is found in muscles and the brain. The kidneys, pancreas, and liver produce creatine, although shellfish and red meat are also important creatine sources. The highest creatine-content foods include meat, shrimp, pig, shellfish, and fish.

Fitness enthusiasts use creatine to build muscle, fuel muscle cells, and increase high-intensity muscle contraction. Athletes may boost energy and performance using creatine. Creatine supplement improves athletic performance, muscle growth, and cognitive function, according to research.

Why Do People Take Creatine?

The benefits of creatine supplements are shown in several scientific research.

Building Muscle 

To improve athletic performance and lean muscle mass, many people use creatine. Muscle growth relies on exercise energy. For creatine to work its magic, you need to take a monohydrate muscle building supplements and hit the weights at the same time.

Myostatin is a protein that suppresses muscle cell proliferation; following eight weeks of resistance exercise and creatine ingestion, a 2010 research discovered that bench press strength increased and myostatin decreased. Similarly, a 2017 research indicated that taking creatine supplements (like BCAAs) helped people gain lean muscle mass and improve their strength while lifting weights.

Recovery After Exercise

Taking creatine supplements helps lessen muscle damage and speed up recovery after strenuous exercise. A 2017 study indicated that supplementing with 5 grams of creatine, carbs, and protein improved recovery times and increased muscle creatine reserves.

Creatine, according to many sports nutritionists, is the perfect complement to carbs for increasing glycogen levels, which aid in recovery after strenuous resistance training. Supplementing with creatine may help endurance athletes recover from workouts more quickly by lowering inflammation and muscle discomfort, according to research. To maintain optimal physical and mental health, athletes should give workout recovery the same amount of attention as performance. A key component of building muscle is ensuring you recover well after each exercise.

Improving Cognitive Abilities

Many people use creatine for reasons other than its effects on performance and recovery, such as enhancing cognitive abilities. More studies on the impact of creatine on brain function are needed, although a 2018 review looked at the available evidence thoroughly.

Studies have shown that creatine works wonders when mental acuity is low or requires more cognitive effort. For instance, the brain will use more creatine after a restless night or while doing mentally taxing activities. In addition, taking creatine supplements after a concussion or other traumatic brain injury might help alleviate symptoms and up the healing process.

Creatine supplements may improve memory, according to other research as well. Research participants in one study were asked to recite random numerical sequences in the opposite direction of their normal reading direction on a "backward digit span" test. According to the research, those who took creatine supplements had an advantage over those who did not when recalling the sequences.

Can You Take Creatine Every Day?

There are many advantages to taking creatine daily. According to research, taking creatine on days when you exercise and days when you don't may have positive effects. You may increase your body's creatine storage by taking creatine supplements, and the effects will be amplified if you take creatine every day.

The health benefits of creatine may be enjoyed even when you don't exercise. Taking creatine on days off can help you recover faster, and we'll go into that further in the following section.

Taking Creatine on Rest Days

On days when you don't exercise, taking a creatine supplement will assist your muscles retain more of the supplement. Supplementing with creatine during active recovery may assist in alleviating muscular discomfort and speed up the healing process, even if taking them on training days may provide the most effect.

You should also ensure you're taking enough creatine on rest days if you're serious about enhancing your performance and recovery.

Creatine Before or After Exercise

Despite contradictory findings in the past, it is now clear that taking creatine either before or after exercise has the same beneficial effects. Taking 5 grams of creatine before or after exercise for four weeks was the subject of one research that looked at the optimal timing to take the supplement. Although research has failed to discover consistent findings on creatine timing, the data did show that taking the supplement before exercise had a greater impact. 

Some studies have shown that those who take them before a workout have more energy and can train for longer more intense spurts. Nevertheless, a few people have reported gastrointestinal issues after taking creatine in the hours leading up to their workout. Taking creatine supplements after an exercise hasten the healing process and aid in muscle damage repair.

Because no two people are the same, you should research what works for you or see a sports nutritionist for tailored advice.

How Safe Is It To Take Creatine Daily?

According to the Mayo Clinic, using creatine for as long as recommended (up to five years) should not pose any health risks. There have been very few reports of adverse effects from taking creatine at the recommended dose of three to five grams daily.

People with renal illness, for example, should be very careful while using creatine supplements since an overdose might have serious consequences for their health. You should always check with your doctor before adding creatine or any supplement to your wellness regimen, as you would with any new product or change.

Side Effects Of Consuming Creatine Daily

Daily supplementation with creatine has no health risks. Creatine supplements are so effective that many athletes have begun to include them in their regular regimen. When taking your creatine supplement, follow the dosage instructions in the letter. An upset stomach or water retention-induced weight gain might result from taking too much creatine.

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